Technical Support Helpdesk

Pcmedic is an IT support company with over 2.000 end-user support services daily, presently using the results of ASSET in its Wizard App.

In 2016, pcmedic has achieved an impressive 40% of savings in a real life usage scenario, automating answers to the most representative query topologies, by reducing or eliminating human intervention.


Senior Support

Project under development with Comunidade Intermunicipal das Beiras e Serra da Estrela, Câmara Municipal do Fundão and Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.

The scope is the creation of a support center for the citizen, health accompaniment and promotion of active aging, with focus on helping seniors adapt to the new technologies.

Your Participation is Welcome

Preliminary results of the ASSET project have been made available from January 2017 on, ready to be integrated into new companies. Despite its multi-domain approach, the existing solution has mostly been optimized for IT technical support through chat, bots and social networks.

If your company struggles with human cost in providing customer support, contact us to find if and how we can integrate the ASSET platform into your working environment: