ASSET – Intelligent Assistance Everywhere for Everyone – a Portugal2020 project to develop an innovative chat platform that combines the best of both worlds – human and machine contributions – supporting real live customers.

A solution that learns from the human contribution and adapts itself continuously, seamlessly and in real time, to any new support context or domain, reducing costs and promoting service quality, with no investment necessary. A never-before-seen approach to chatbots, supported by a hybrid and multi-language system that uses state-of-the-art AI and language processing techniques.

Our Differentiation Factor

One of our main differentiation factors rests on the concurrent intervention of both the automated machine-based support and the human operator, integrating answers seamlessly to the user. The result: significant reduction of the human time necessary for service provisioning, whilst enhancing service quality.

Also, this solution uses proprietary language translation technology to reduce the service internationalization efforts for any company.